Choosing The Right School For Your Kid

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Some of us know exactly which school will suit our child who is about to start schooling and it is perhaps the same school we attended and our dad or mum attended and it is an obvious choice. Or if you live in an area where there is only one primary school, then the answer is a given, but when you do have a choice, what are some of the factors that can help you decide which school would best suit your 6 year old daughter?

Facilities and location

Of course if the school you would like is a 2-hour drive for your 6-year-old, then that is a definite no, no. The location matters of course though it doesn’t have to be the only deciding factor. You would need a primary school that has a good school bus system and would bring your child back home safely or you would have to be in a position to drop your child in school and pick her up when she finishes, so the location as well as your schedule would need to be considered. Some other things to consider would be the campus and the facilities of the school, would it be an environment in which your kid would thrive, what about site safety? A visit to the school campus would be an essential step. If you are looking for safety steps see this post for details.

Quality of education

Of paramount importance is also the quality of the education: Is the school well known for its academic standard? Are the teachers caring and approachable? You could ask any parents you know who may have a kid studying there. What about the sports program and opportunities for your child to excel in extra curricular activities such as music and drama in the future? You may not get everything you want, but make sure what is important to you as a parent is available.

Open days

Find out whether the school has an open day or a time when you can visit the campus and check out things you want to find out before enrolling your child, such as your concerns about site safety and the security of your child. Schedule a visit to the school with your child if it is allowed and you can watch your daughter’s reaction to the new environment.

Relax and let go!

As a parent, especially if this is the first time you have a child going to school, there can be anxiety on both the part of the child and the parent! Once you have checked out the school and you know it is the right one for your child, relax and be at peace with your decision. This will help your kid too as she sees that you are relaxed and ready to trust the new school with her. Enjoy the process, as time flies fast and before you know it your daughter will be starting secondary school!