How To Remove Stains From Hardwood Floors

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You left your four year old unattended with a box of chalk and you come back to see your expensive hardwood floors covered in the colors of the rainbow, surely your heart will sink and you’ll frantically be looking for ways to get it off. You’re bound to be in a situation as such at least once in your life so it is always good to have some knowledge on floors and stains at the back of your hand.
If you’re a person who’s weighing their options on flooring and you love the look of a nice hardwood floor, you can achieve this look even through laminate flooring for half the price.

There are many other options besides hardwood floors and some of these options such as laminate flooring are such low maintenance as they do not stain easily and they are very easily cleaned.

However for those who do not have the option of picking now, these tips will definitely help you out in case your kid spills your glass of red wine on the floor.

White stains

White stains are caused by moisture on the finish of the hard wood floors so be mindful not to leave your glass of iced tea on the precious and expensive hardwood floors, next time you think of exhibiting such behavior.

White stains can often be removed by rubbing a cloth soaked in mineral oil or mineral spirit against the stain that is on the hardwood floor. If it does not work, try leaving the cloth over the stain for a period of time.

You could also try rubbing a steel wool that is soaked in lemon oil over the stain and this will help get off most white stains off of your floor. 

Dark stains often occur when moisture

Dark stains, has travelled past the finish and spread on to the wood and these stains can be quite tough to get off of your floor, you can try to repeat the above but if it is no use, there is still hope for your floors.

If none of the methods that worked on white stains works on dark stains, grab sandpaper and rub it against the floor until the stain disappears but make sure to go with the grain of the wood when doing this. When you are done, apply a coat of varnish over the hardwood floor to make it match with the original appearance.

The tips listed above are even a great party trick to have under your sleeve so that if your friend has hardwood floors and they stain the floors accidently with a red wine, you can give them tips on how to clean it up. On the other hand, some of the people choose to buy a reliable wood products for flooring.